Data Policies

We're pretty open about how we collect and use data. Here's exactly what we do and don't do.

  • Bad Customer does not store payment information, or information about what specific products were purchased. Our system stores only stores only the amount of the chargeback, the customer e-mail address, and the billing and shipping details provided for the charged-back order.
  • Customer names, email addresses, and physical addresses are not shared with users or third party agencies, and cannot be made available by request.
  • To prevent abuse, chargeback data is collected directly from payment processors and eCommerce platforms, and cannot be manually added or edited by sellers.
  • Customers who provide proof of legal ownership or tenancy reserve the right to opt out of the BadCustomer.org database. If a customer has opted out, our API will return an OPTOUT status when their address is queried.

Questions & Feedback

We welcome your questions, comments, and concerns about privacy. Please send us any and all feedback pertaining to privacy, or any other issue.

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Our mission is simple: we want to stop customers who steal from sellers. As a participating seller, your chargeback data is helping other sellers avoid bad customers, just like how the data they submit is helping you. Sign up for free and join the fight.

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